Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Blinded by the light--a snowbound day in New York City

It’s a beautiful day in NYC
The sky is blue, the sun shines brightly
And that’s the problem
Every time the sunlight hits the snow
The glare hurts my eyes

Still, I can’t complain about a beautiful day

The sidewalks are mostly snow-free now
But the snow and slush piled at every intersection
Challenge my skills at navigating my new wheeled backpack
Sometimes I plow through
Sometimes, if the muck is particularly daunting
I just give up, and carry the darned thing

Now here’s a clever soul
Using a sheet to cover a car’s windshield
Anchoring it to the car by closing the front doors on two of the corners

Me, well, at times like this
I’m glad I don’t live where I would have to dig out my car
Just to buy a quart of milk
I’m happy to sally to the subway
And leave the driving to the MTA



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